Hope Center Church is Debt Free!

Hope Center Church became totally debt-free in July, 2013, after an amazing 4 1/2 year journey.  Starting with $1.16 million in debt in March 2009, the congregation of Hope Center Church said “yes” to a Pastor with a vision, said “yes” to a plan, and “yes” to a Mighty God wanting to show Himself strong.

During the time between March 2009 and July 2013, the congregation grew in number; it grew spiritually through consistent and heartfelt worship and praise, believing God for His guidance and help; and it grew in unity and determination.

Launching a Capital Stewardship Campaign in March 2012 helped provide a plan for giving and working to resolve the debt and begin preparations for building a new church sanctuary.  The first goal to be met with the money raised was to bring all debts current, then to remodel several areas of the existing church building.  That resulted in a renovation of the church foyer, restrooms, youth and children areas, while also clearing and manicuring the church grounds.  Approximately $600,000.00 was put into these projects, over and above the debt resolution.

Once those initial projects were completed, the congregation’s focus turned to paying off the second mortgage on the church building and, then to eliminating the regular mortgage itself.   The pledges committed to the Stewardship Campaign, along with several special, sacrificial offerings of over $70,000.00 each by dedicated and faithful members, brought us to the point of being debt-free.

Several more projects are planned before we turn our attention to the building of the new church sanctuary for a congregation that continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  Being debt-free, we as the present church body are poised to leave a legacy for those coming after us.  This isn’t just about us and it isn’t just for us.  It is for all those not yet born into the Kingdom.  It is for our children and grandchildren and for their children and grandchildren.

Have we done this on our own?  Yes, we have worked and worked hard.  Yes, we have sacrificed and given over and above.  But, without a doubt, it is God who has given us the victory.  And, we will be forever grateful for His divine Hand and His many blessings as we continue on this incredible journey.